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The "Poop Shoot" is a quest directly related to the main questline of the Necromancer Guild. 

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Completion of this quest awards you with one of two optional rewards. One is to marry the corps of "Lady Cakeface" and the other is to attain a spell called "Analimus Coitus". It is a spell best used on the NPC known as Aria. Once you use the spell on her she will let out a moan louder than previous ones and then give you a ring. "Analimus King" is the name of the ring, once you have it you can then show it to the king of Hatmandor and he will open the cellar. In the cellar is three noteably attractive women, you get to choose which one you would like to have "polish your sword". At the end of the quest you become the father of a young boy and you have to pay 100 auras everyday to feed him. If you choose not to pay, he will die and his mother will marry some other guy named Lanos Smallerdigit.

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